Comms Connect Virtual Series – Nov 26

Comms Connect Virtual Series – Nov 26

Mark Wood

10:35 am —

Join Simon at the Comms Connect Virtual Conference Series


THURSDAY, 26 NOVEMBER: Frequency sharing in TETRA

Learn how to build coverage with a minimal number of frequencies in low density networks like e.g. railways. Through 4 typical use cases for TETRA frequency sharing we will cover how to build simple, highly reliable indoor and outdoor solutions. During this session attendees will learn: 1. How to build coverage with a limited number of frequencies 2. How to achieve indoor coverage without external repeater systems 3. How to optimise frequency efficiency in coverage driven networks 4. How to build a geo-redundant base station solution to protect against antenna failure.

As Senior Solutions Manager at DAMM Cellular Systems, Simon provides technical expertise to DAMM sales teams and partners worldwide. He holds a B.A. in Electrical Engineering and an M.A. in Telecommunication Management and has worked with TETRA solutions for over 20 years. He has held various positions at Nokia’s PMR business (later to become Airbus), giving him wide experience with delivering technical and pre-sales support and technical training. Simon worked as a system architect for BOSNET, the largest TETRA network in the world, for many years, focusing on traffic engineering and solutions to optimise voice and data communications on narrowband systems. He has also been deeply involved in designing mission-critical solutions over broadband giving him a complete technical background on PMR and a clear understanding of the market needs.